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It’s my last day as a public servant! I celebrated the occasion by showing up spectacularly late, and am now proving with singular panache that ‘at work’ and ‘working’ are by no means synonymous concepts. I’m even being extra geeky today, wearing the ‘Mind the Gap’ T-shirt I bought in London last year: I’ve got to get some use out of it, since there’s no way it’s making the trip with me. You really can’t wear a ‘Mind the Gap’ shirt in England, can you? Not unless you want people to read ‘Mind the Gap’ as ‘I’m a Twat’.*

Yesterday was my goodbye lunch: the Final Indignity. I’d requested a local Thai restaurant that offers a great selection of vegetarian curries, and even a vegan coconut rice pudding for dessert. Alas, it was completely booked for lunch, so our admin randomly selected another Thai restaurant – they’re all the same, right? Ha. This place had plastic tablecloths and nary a chopstick in sight; and for some odd reason ‘Pad Thai with chicken’ was listed on the menu under ‘Seafood’. I guess in Thailand the phrase ‘chicken of the sea’ is taken literally. Anyway, I chose one of the three (3) vegetable curries and tried to enjoy the company, hindered only slightly by the sight of my co-worker across the table picking fussily at her noodle dish, which was WAY too “weird” for her unadventurous palate. You’d think she’d just been served a plate of sautéed mealworms. (I wish she had been.)

I’ll try to squeeze in another post or two before my grand departure – tomorrow I’ll be buying a laptop, and my not-so-blissful ignorance of all things technological and inevitable financial victimization by slick salesmen should be good for a larf. Anything to entertain!

*When in Rome, etc: I’m officially switching over to British-style punctuation. From here on in, it’s punctuation outside quoted fragments! And single quotation marks, rather than double, for non-dialogue! I’ve gone native!

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