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Back to the land of the living: I was out at the pub last night, which reminded me why I stopped going out in the first place. People are such yobs. Itís interesting, from an outside perspective, to observe how the laws of social physics warp according to relative degrees of intoxication. I learned last night, for instance, that in a field of drunken causality, saying something more loudly makes it funnier. I could barely stay upright beneath the barrage of shrieking hilarity emanating from the table next to mine. Despite the fact that the pub was quiet, and none of the group were more than two feet from each other, each point was driven home with the force of an aural battering ram. I was about to ask them to keep it down, but I settled for turning down my hearing aid and menacingly brandishing my cane.

Wednesday night, I was in the land of the dead: I attended a lecture on the theological anachronisms in a particular Thirteenth Dynasty Egyptian wisdom text. Big fun! There was some interesting insight into the origins of Hermeticism; and just for typing that last phrase I have earned a very special prize for my exemplary geekdom: ten years free room and board in my parentsí basement and an honorary Doctorate of Virginity. Woot! At least the lecture was free.

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