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Top o’ the late afternoon to ye! I’ve been playing hooky from work this fine day, just because I can. I was invited to a planning meeting for upper management – a proper “seminar”-type deal, at a semi-posh hotel and everything – in order to help me write the business plan. After a few hours of copping free food and trying to keep the molecules in my brain from total coagulation, I was informed by my boss that most of the information being presented probably wouldn’t be of any use to me, and that I could leave if I had better things to do. Being quite liberal in my interpretation of the word “better,” I assured him that I did, and I treated myself to a three-hour lunch, since the drones back here in the Cubicle-land of Dunces weren't expecting me back. Though I was a bit sad to leave the meeting, if only because the facilitator had a lazy eye and it was fun trying to decide which one to look at. I guess it comes in handy in his job, since he’s got to keep one eye on the clock at all times. Badum-bum!

I walked all the way over the bridge to downtown Ottawa to get a coffee, just to remind myself what sunshine feels like on exposed flesh. Now I remember: I think I have a bit of a sunburn.

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