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My landlord has recently leased out the vacant first-floor apartment as a retail space to a “Chinese Culture” store. Said “culture” takes the form of mass-produced discount clothing and cheap paper lanterns: experience the mystery of the Orient! Do not expose to open flame!

Recently, though, since imitation-jade dragons have not been flying off the shelves (literally or otherwise), the shopkeeps have moved into another area of business. A hand-lettered sign outside the building now advertises “Frozen Dumpling Ten One Dollar / Chinese Language Course.” Finally, a place where I can get my frozen meat pastries and linguistic instruction all in one place! I really hope they corner the dumpling-and-conversational-Mandarin market. That’s a tough demographic.

And speaking of Why Foreigners are Funny, here’s a good one from my friend Dan. Kites: the Silent Killer! (Coming soon as a made-for-TV special on HBO.)

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