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Total gyp entry today – you get point form and photos, because I am off to see Master and Commander. (It’s like Gladiator! Except instead of Russel Crowe in a poncey metal miniskirt, you get Russel Crowe in a poncey ponytail! Huzzah! More importantly, you get Paul Bettany, who, as I may have mentioned, is actually my one true love. All hands on deck!)

Point one: Someone was both generous and deluded enough to nominate me yet again for a Diarist Award, and this time, I made it to the finals!! Look at all these exclamation points!!! That means I am happy and grateful! So I will officially be invited to display the coveted “golden pen” graphic on my site. Wait until Paul Bettany gets wind of this – he’ll leave that whore Jennifer Connolly in a cloud of dust faster than you can say “Labyrinth sucked.”

Point two: I helped write a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star for my job, and today it was published. Not that you have to be talented, coherent or sane to get a letter to the editor published, but still. My job is cool.

And speaking of getting in the papers, my dad e-mailed me this photo the other day – it’s from the Edmonton Sun about seven years ago. I was in Edmonton for the Fringe festival and caught some intrepid journalist’s eye, I suppose. Look how cute I was!

Sassy Robin!

A year later, I did this to myself, making my mom cry:

Nobody fucks with the Robin!

Raar! Over and out.

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