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I got a whole lotta love. First of all, if you’ll look to the right, you’ll observe a fabbo new link: I’ve signed up for Twelve Percent Beer, which is where all the cool kids on Diaryland hang out while the rest of you gaze wistfully over the velvet rope. Twelve Percent Beer! Not just for Canadians anymore!

Secondly, I got an e-mail tonight informing me that I have not just one but TWO magazine commissions. A real, printed magazine (with a collected readership that could easily squeeze into a bathroom stall with enough room left over for a mid-sized sport utility vehicle, granted) is going to pay me REAL MONEY (a sum that on a good day might dream fondly of being called “a pittance”, naturally) to put words on paper. Huzzah!

Cause for celebration, I’d say! And what says “festivity” like a cartoon whale? Nothing, that’s what. Packaging like this is what makes me love living in Chinatown:

Happy Fun Whale Time!

I don’t know what he’s thinking, but it must be pretty keen, whatever it is. Perhaps I’ll just pop this through the Asian-speaking-cartoon-whale-to-English translator:

Happy Perv Whalebone Time!

Typical. Whales are the same wherever you go.

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